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West Coast British Columbia Sport Fishing Charters

Sea Beyond Fishing AdventuresImagine . . .
the sound of the reel as a trophy Chinook salmon screams out line... or the soul soothing serenity of fly fishing for brilliant BC steelhead or wild and feisty trout on a crystal clear Vancouver Island river.

Sea Beyond Fishing Adventures specializes in making sport fishing dreams a reality. Our experienced BC fishing guides are waiting to take you on saltwater salmon fishing charters in the Campbell River, Canada area and freshwater fly fishing trips on north central Vancouver island rivers and estuaries.

Saltwater Fishing Charters

Sea Beyond Fishing Adventures offers superb, fully guided, year 'round saltwater salmon fishing in the ocean off Campbell River, Canada. Let us take you on an unforgettable British Columbia fishing trip full of trophy salmon, boating fun and breathtaking beautiful west coast BC scenery.

Campbell River - the "Salmon Fishing Capital of the World"

Let our fishing guides take you on the Campbell River fishing trip of a lifetime.

Sea Beyond Fishing AdventuresPlan your fishing charter for your choice of 5 species of Pacific Salmon including Chinook (King salmon), Coho (Silvers), Pinks, Sockeye and Chum salmon as well as bottom fish like Halibut, Ling cod and a wonderful delicacy - local Spot Prawns.

Campbell River is situated on the eastern shore of north central Vancouver Island, B.C. The waters off Campbell River are ideally situated to intercept all 5 species of salmon. Whether heading north or south these salmon navigate the bottle-neck waters of Discovery Passage just off Campbell River and that's where Sea Beyond Fishing Charters goes fishing every day. There are many fabulous fishing opportunities in sheltered waters where there is no ocean swell.

There is more to the Discovery Passage than just great BC salmon fishing. The coastal inlets, emerald islands and towering fjords offer spectacular west coast rainforest scenery and abundant wildlife viewing including bird watching and marine mammals, keep your eyes peeled for Orcas (aka Killer Whales).

FreshWater Fishing Charters

Sea Beyond Fishing AdventuresLet our experienced fly fishing guides take you on a freshwater fly fishing adventure to the pristine coastal rivers surrounded by towering mountains. For the avid angler there are few things more exciting than fly fishing for hard fighting Steelhead or raising a Rainbow trout to a dry fly while taking in the outstanding Vancouver Island scenery and wildlife.

The Historic Tyee Club

Go back in time and enjoy the magic of BC Tyee fishing. You can become a member of the historic Tyee Club of British Columbia (circa 1924) by fishing for a Chinook salmon 30 pounds or greater (Tyee or King) in classic style in a traditional 14' rowboat within the estuary of the famous Campbell River.

Your Tyee quest will begin at sunrise with specific tackle, line-weight and an artificial lure. Your wooden plug or a brass or brass-and-silver spoon will beat, beat, beat in the waters of the Tyee Pool, not far off the rhythm of your heart as you envision the over-30 pounders waiting for the strike of your life!

Come Fishing with Sea Beyond Adventures!

Saltwater salmon sport fishing, freshwater fly fishing or historic Tyee salmon fishing, whatever your pleasure Sea Beyond Adventures can deliver the fishing charters, the BC scenery and the Vancouver island adventure of a lifetime. Contact us today!

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