Unique to Campbell River

Every year, mature salmon return to the Campbell River estuary and the traditional fishermen gather at the Tyee Pool in hopes of catching a mighty Tyee - Chinook salmon of 30 pounds or more. Tyee fishing first began in 1924 and has continued virtually unchanged to this day.

To become a member of the Tyee Club of British Columbia you must be rowed by your guide to a Tyee on a single, barbless hook with an artificial lure using line of 20 pound test or less.

Rowing for Tyee is no easy task, but it is a magical and social way to fish. The sounds of water on the oars, the screaming of reels and words of encouragement are all that you will hear. If and when you reel one in, you will never forget this ultimate catch!

For the fisherwoman...
you have the opportunity to have an all-women fishing adventure. Enjoy this classic way of fishing with a female guide who has many years experience.

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